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Palazzo Mattei di Giove


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Palazzo Mattei di Giove
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Palazzo Mattei di Giove was built in 1611 by Carlo Maderno for Asdrubale Mattei, on the occasion of his second marriage to Costanza Gonzaga, and represents one of the five palaces that form the so-called ''insula Mattei'', a beautiful architectural complex. It is located between via Caetani and via dei Funari and contains many antiquities, especially ancient bas-reliefs and collections of precious marbles from ancient times. The internal part is of great charm, with a double loggia adorned with ancient sculptures. The halls of the building have vaults painted by great artists such as Francesco Albani, Giovanni Lanfranco, Antonio Pomarancio and Pietro da Cortona. The Center for American Studies, the State Discotheque, the Historical Institute for the Modern and Contemporary Age and the Library of Modern and Contemporary History are located here.


Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32
00186 Roma (RM)
06 45421063 Sito WEB

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