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Domus Aurea
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The Domus Aurea is the marvelous residence of the emperor Nero, built by the same after the fire of 64 AD, at the time surrounded by an area of about 80 hectares, between the Palatine and the Esquiline, of which the emperor appropriated. The residence, although never fully completed, was adorned with gardens, woods, nymphaeums and other buildings and pavilions connected to it and inspired the structure of Villa Adriana, in Tivoli. What remains today of the original villa is what survived the stripping of the same, which took place immediately after the death of Nero and the changes made by other historical personalities and the fire of 104 AD Access to the villa was located in the Roman Forum, via a vestibulum, a porticoed atrium where the enormous bronze colossus representing Nero was placed (statue that inspired the name Colosseum, since the Colossus was precisely the statue placed near it). Around the domus there was a pond, probably already existing and fed by a small stream, which Nero had surrounded by secondary buildings structured like a city. Then there were woods and green areas that reached up to the pavilion overlooking the Colle Opium, a large and super luxurious body, which can be visited today. Its magnificence was what allowed the name of "Aurea" to be given to the Domus, meaning golden, to the entire villa. In this area there were no bedrooms, latrines and kitchens, so much so that it is claimed that it was an area for banquets and parties and that is why it was entirely covered with gold, gems and mother-of-pearl. In particular, the main banquet hall, (cenatio principalis), was round in shape and rotated continuously, like the universe; it was also equipped with baths with fresh and sulphurous water. The majesty of the Domus Aurea, therefore, is in having been a work of art containing other works of art: ceilings and walls were embellished with frescoes by the painter Fabullo; everywhere there were statues, many of the Praxiteles and many that have come down to us today (the Venus Callipygia, the Pergameni Groups, the Lacoon Group, the suicidal Galata, the dying Galata ..) which can be visited in various museums. Visits:The access ticket to the Domus Aurea, also allows visitors access to the impressive restoration site with virtual reality.


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