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Villa Borghese

Parchi, Giardini
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is the third largest park in Rome and stands on the grounds of the ancient Horti Luculliani. It has nine entrances and many natural and artistic attractions including the "Casino Nobile", the "Casino dei Giuochi d'Acqua" and the "Giardino del Lago". The green heritage of the villa is immense, rich in various local and exotic species of trees, as well as the fauna present including squirrels, hedgehogs and nocturnal birds of prey. The different types of gardens are also worth admiring. It houses statues and fountains from the 18th century. Important structures house museums and galleries such as the Carlo Bilotti Museum, the Pietro Canonica Museum, a branch of the Casa del Cinema and the Borghese Gallery (ID 2943). In the villa there is the Bioparco of Rome and the related Zoological Museum (ID 194). Among the buildings and structures of great value, we also find the Casale Cenci-Giustiniani, the Casino del Graziano, the Fortezzuola, the Galoppatoio, the Meridiana and the Uffizi Casino. A playroom with a children's play area is located at La Casina di Raffaello. The park also offers a suggestive panorama of the city, from the famous Terrace of the Pincio.


Piazzale Napoleone I
00197 Roma (RM)
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