Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 00144 ROMA

Villa Ada

Ville, Parchi
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Known as the residence of the Savoys, today it is a destination for visitors and Romans in large numbers for the beauty of its neoclassical buildings and for the flora and fauna that can be found there. Here is the Casale called "La Finanziera", headquarters of the WWF; the barn, used as an equestrian center for the Cascianese company; the Casale delle Mare Madri, which owes its name to the fact that in the Savoy era it was intended as a shelter for mares about to give birth; the Villa Polissena, the Royal Stables, the Royal Villa, the Casino Pallavicini, the Temple of Flora and the Tribune.


via Salaria 265
00199 Roma (RM)
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