Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 00144 ROMA

Villa Farnesina

Ville, Palazzi

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Built in the early 1500s at the behest of Agostino Chigi, built by Baldassarre Peruzzi, Villa Farnesina, located in the Trastevere district, is a splendid example of the Roman Renaissance. Famous for the frescoes by Raphael, for the Loggia of Cupid and Psyche and for the extraordinary rooms that compose it: the Frieze Room, the Wedding Room, the Perspective Room and the Grotesque Gallery. The gardens are also of great value and beauty, in which, in addition to plants and flowers arranged according to the nineteenth and twentieth century layout, there are also some archaeological finds such as capitals, sarcophagi and ancient bas-reliefs.


Via della Lungara, 230
00165 Roma (RM)
06 68027268 Sito WEB

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