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Porta San Gallo

Porta San Gallo
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Built in 1285, the keys are kept in the Florence Com'era Museum. Decorated by two Guelph Lions and a fresco with the Madonna and Saints, of which only a few traces remain. On one of the two inscriptions affixed to the door there is a trace of the passage of the King of Denmark Frederick IV in 1708. A particular episode is told about this visit; Federico, not yet king, went to visit Lucca and fell in love with the young Maria Maddalena Trenta who left her boyfriend to reciprocate his love. But when Federico left, the young woman became a cloistered nun. Once the king expressed the desire to return and meet her again, which then, despite the enclosure, happened, according to tradition, through a grate. It is said that the king came out of the meeting with wet eyes, almost close to tears.


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