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Casa Guidi
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House where the English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband Robert Browning lived in the 19th century. Here they composed some of their most beautiful poems. The house-museum is the result of a project that began in the 1970s and which today has led to the meticulous reconstruction of the environment in which the two poets and their son Pen lived, with furniture purchased mostly from Florentine second-hand dealers, some of great value . In 1971 the apartment (excluding one room) was purchased by the Browning Institute of New York, and with the transfer in 1992 of the property to Eton College in England, which houses an important collection of material that belonged to the Brownings, the restoration of the original structure was completed with the contribution of the Landmark Trust, which now manages the property. The principal rooms, including the drawing room considered Elizabeth's literary retreat, are open to the public. A part of the house, today, is also available for stays. There are frescoes, busts of poets and some Renaissance paintings.


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